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Summer 2010

The Jabberwocky and Riddles in the Dark, read by Shannon Harris

July 22nd, 2010

I was unsure of what poem to read for this project, wanting to do something in the same kind of theme as my selection from The Hobbit. However, as I was looking through to countless poetry websites, I found this one by Lewis Carroll. Many people view this as the way a poem should not be written, however, I find this to be a fabulously fun poem to read because of the nonsense words. It also reminds me a little of my middle school years when I came across this poem for the first time on (bear with me) when you enter their Gallery of Evil.

The Jabberwocky

I also chose one of my favorite chapters from one of my favorite books to read. I would watch this movie every time I was home sick, and fell in the love with the book when I was old enough to read it. I thought long and hard about what to read from this book. Would I read from when Thorin & Co. meet their expert treasure hunter, Biblo, or Bilbo and Gandalf’s encounter with Beorn after their episode with goblins, or perhaps when Bilbo meets Smaug for the first time? That last one was incredibly tempting, but I didn’t feel that I could give Smaug the dangerous and seductive quality to his voice that is so crucial to his character. Instead, I settled for probably the most well known scene from the chapter Riddles in the Dark, when Bilbo enters into a riddle contest with the creature Gollum. I begin after Biblo has lost his party and finds an underwater lake, stopping to gather himself and decide his next course of action. We have just been introduced to the character Gollum, and his unpleasant and lonely nature when my reading begins, and will end with one of numerous demonstrations of how Bilbo’s inordinate amount of luck saves his skin.

Riddles In The Dark

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