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Summer 2010

“Nineteen Thirty-Seven” by Edwidge Danticat

July 22nd, 2010

brayhan2 The short story that I read is called Krik? Krak? by Edwidge Danticat. The chapter that I read is called “Nineteen Thirty-Seven” it takes place in Haiti, where the years of  thousands of Haitians where massacred by the Dominican soldiers. This particular chapter is about a young women(Josephine) finally understanding her family ancestor especially, her mothers death(Manman). This particular book and chapter is all about Haitian women trying to understand their relationships to their families.

Finally why I chosen this book nor chapter is because it is full of tragedy stories, descriptive narrative-story and dramatic story-plot. Part of it is also, the diversity of suffering that demonstrates that everyone experiences in his or her own way.

By: Brayhan Chirinos

One Response to ““Nineteen Thirty-Seven” by Edwidge Danticat”

  1. The article is very good, it reflects the problem, is worth pondering.

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