Literature and Performance

Summer 2010

” I Like For You To Be Still” by Pablo Neruda.

July 22nd, 2010

The poem I picked is called ” I Like For You To Be Still” by Pablo Neruda. It’s a love poem that shows a lot of emotion to the loves one. Before, I talk about more about the poem, I would give more information about Pablo Neruda. Mr. Neruda was born on Sept. 23, 1973 in Parral, Chile. He is considered one of the greatest and most influential poets of the 20th century. I picked this poem because it’s a love poem and imagine you are in the room with someone you love. You don’t need to speak because you full each other’s souls just by your presences. When it says ” you hear me from away/and my voice does not reach you” thinking she can feel his presence even if he doesn’t speak. There is a lot of symbolism in”I Like For You To Be Still” like, the symbol of the night is another beautiful of one for his lover and also, the poet’s lover is like a butterfly which makes no sound and only present for a moment!brayhan-2 1

By: Brayhan Chirinos

One Response to “” I Like For You To Be Still” by Pablo Neruda.”

  1. alicia says:

    this poem is so beautiful, and so well written. its breath taking how he transfers his emotions through words.

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