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Summer 2010

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July 21st, 2010

The reason why I chose to read the poem entitled,”You Call Yourself a Man,” is because I have personally connect with this piece. I am fully aware of what its like to ┬áhave a father who has left me hurting as a result of something that he’s to me. My father refuses to take responsibility for his actions. Through reading this piece I have found a constructive way to vent my anger and frustration in a way that people can understand.

You Call Yourself a Man

My Dear Camera

The reason why I chose to read this selection is because while reading Arthur Ashe’s memoir, this was the part of the book that really struck me as touching. He wrote this letter to his daughter in hopes that after he dies, she will always remember him. It warm my heart to that no matter what Camera is going through, she will always have this letter from her late father to look back on.I think that this letter exhibits what a brilliant man Arthur Ashe really was.

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