Literature and Performance

Summer 2010

“The Rose In The Snow” and “Alone” (performed by Elisha Jenkins)

July 20th, 2010


The Rose In The Snow” and “Alone” (Performed by Elisha Jenkins) -Unknown Author

” The Rose In The Snow” is truly a great poem. In the poem the speaker is illustrating his love for this woman whom he describes specifcally but generally as well. I chose this poem because I am ” in love” with the concept and idea of love and everything that comes with it. Love is what makes the world go around and I can appreciate the author’s honesty with this woman.

Alone (performed by Elisha Jenkins)- Greg A. Bealer

I chose “Alone” by Greg A. Bealer because I wanted to challenge myself and perform a piece that gives a completely different mood from my usual pieces. “Alone” is so significant because alot of people can relate to the main character in the poem. He is completely alone and feels like he has absolutely no one to turn to. He holds onto anything he can just to maintain sanity, hopes and dreams. He uses different communication such as “chat” and the telephone but in the end, he still remains the same——alone.

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