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Summer 2010

Frida’s Suicide Note to Diego

July 20th, 2010

Frida’s Suicide Note to Diego

Read and written by Sara Cardoza   [Frida’sSuicideNote]

I chose to read this poem because I have always had a small love affair with Frida Kahlo. I find her an incredibly engimatic, beautiful, interesting, and tragic person. Years ago I found a copy of her published diary in my grandparent’s hometown library. I could feel so much of the pain she experienced during her life  come through the poems and drawings she added to her diary.  Also, I could relate her pain to some of my own tragedies I had experienced at that point in my my life.  Frida had so much love for her husband Diego Rivera, and while he loved her as well, he was never entirely her own, and their marriage was not always a happy one. Frida’s pain reminds me that we can never truly know, or possess anyone but ourselves; and even with ourselves, there are so many unknown recesses.

No one knows if Frida committed suicide, but her last entry in her diary was: “I hope the going is joyful, and I hope never to return.” This poem is written as if she did end her suffering by her own hand, and wrote these last words to her husband– her greatest joy and also her greatest heartache.

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