Literature and Performance

Summer 2010

Love – Performed By Willie A Morton II

July 21st, 2010

I chose “Love” by Pokahontaz because it is another African American Poem that caught my eye because I do not really read about love, but this poem enthralled me with the different metaphors and it is a much different read because I usually read about race in poems. This piece made me want to read more Love poems because i loved the way she showed both aspects of love, the good and the bad. I read this piece slowly and made sure to pour my emotions into every stanza. Slowly reading certain words,  pausing to let the audience catch the emotion, and reading it as if i was in love with someone. I hope you enjoy it!


The Weary Blues Read By Willie Morton II

I choose Langton Hughes’s The Weary Blues, because my favorite genre of poetry is African American poetry stated in my most recent post. The southern style captivates me and I just cannot stop reading them. The Weary Blues is a story about a man singing about his problems in life and how hes done worrying about them. is is a very southern and slow read that helps the reader visualize the poem. i read the poem similar to the way Hughes read it, but i still incorporated my own style in reading this piece.

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