Literature and Performance

Summer 2010

“The Color of Joy” by Caroline Knapp-read by Kristin Magill

July 19th, 2010

My name is Kristin and I am dog crazy. “What is dog crazy?”, you might ask. To my friends dog crazy is canceling plans because my dog is sick. Dog crazy is not having any money to go shopping or to the movies because we spent it all on dog food. Dog crazy is referring to the dogs as my babies. Above all, being dog crazy means well…I’m crazy when it comes to my dogs.
To me, dog crazy is sharing an intimate and profound relationship with a creature of another species and it is the most rewarding and amazing experience I can think of. It’s a relationship rarely understood by those who haven’t shared this sort of bond with an animal.
This short story from “Dog Is My Co-Pilot” really spoke to me and the relationship that I have with my dogs that may seem a little bit…crazy…from the outside. Reading this short story has given me the nerve to say, “Yes, my dogs have changed my life and I’m not embarrassed by that”.

“The Color of Joy” by Caroline Knapp

The two rescue dogs that changed my life, Stella and Casey

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