Literature and Performance

Summer 2010

The Kite Runner read by Megan

June 16th, 2010

I chose to read a section from Khaled Hosseini’s <em>The Kite Runner</em> because it is one of my favorite novels.  This heart wrenching story focuses on a boy, Amir, who spends the majority of his life trying to make up for the haunting act of cowardice that caused him to betray his best friend as a child.  I developed a strong sense of attachment to both the characters Amir and Hassan and really felt for them as they suffered.  I also found it extremely interesting to learn about Afghan culture, as I had a fairly limited conception of Middle-Eastern culture before reading this book.

The Kite Runner

One Response to “The Kite Runner read by Megan”

  1. aunger says:

    I think this was a really good choice to read. Its such a vivid book that it was a good choice to use it for the recording.

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