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Summer 2010

The Book of Flying by Sydney

June 16th, 2010

The Book of Flying by Keith Miller

I chose to read the first few pages of “The Book of Flying,” written by Keith Miller. I really like the language in this book and the way he writes really drew me into the story with all of the imagery. The story is about a lonely librarian named Pico who lives in a town where there are both people and people with wings. Pico’s parents had wings, but he was born without any, and was left to live on the ground by himself. He falls in love with a winged girl, but she cannot love him because he doesn’t have wings. He decides to leave the city and go out in search of his very own wings.

One Response to “The Book of Flying by Sydney”

  1. moverman says:

    I think that your voice was appropriate for this piece, because it sounded really dreamy and floaty.

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